Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Dog treats that promote good oral health!

If you're anything like me, your dog is more than a pet, he's another member of the family. My dog, Buddy, has been a part of our family for 8 years! We love him so much, and make sure that he's healthy & happy. This includes lots of yummy treats! As well as regular vet check-ups, healthy food, and plenty of exercise.

My dog can be picky at times, so finding new treats can be tough. I've been on the hunt for treats that he enjoys, that are good for him, and that will also help maintain his already healthy mouth. I was recently asked to try out Dentastix; beef flavored treats, by Pedigree. I know Buddy lives beef flavored treats, so I decided to give them a shot.

Dentastix are a once daily treat, that help to reduce tartar buildup, clean teeth, and freshen breath. They're the perfect size, not too big, not too little. Theyre flavored with natural beef flavoring, so I know my dog is eating something that's not artificially flavored. Plus, their unique X shape allows for longer chewing time. They're healthy treats, that can be enjoyed for more than a few minutes!

When they arrived, I knew right away that Buddy would like them. He was sniffing the bag, and whining. He KNEW something yummy was inside! Boy was he right... I have him one of the treats, and he took it to my bedroom, jumped on the bed & enjoyed every bite. Id prefer he enjoy them in the floor, but i wont complain this time...

Dentastix were a huge hit! He loves them, and I love the healthful benefits that come with them. I've been giving him Dentastix daily, for about a week now, and have noticed a big difference in his breath & teeth. His breath is much fresher. No, it's not at all minty... It's just less "doggy". And his teeth appear to be much cleaner, and there's hardly any build-up on them at all.

I was skeptical of these treats, but they've really held up to their claims. I'm impressed with how well they help to maintain my dog's oral health. I'm also excited to have finally found a treat that he likes, that has such awesome added benefits. Dentastix are our new go-to treat. Buddy loves them, and I love that they help to keep him healthy!

Dentastix can be purchased at any grocery store, or mass merchandise store (like Wal-Mart). Or you can buy them online! Skip the trip to the store, and click the link below to order yours now!

Sample provided for review