Saturday, February 27, 2016

The most unique & delicious condiment you'll ever taste!

I was first introduced to Ash Kickin Relish in the spring of 2015. While checking my mail one day, I received a handwritten note from my mail carrier. The note asked if I'd like to try some homemade relish. I wasnt sure what to make of this, but I'm all for homemade products, and the note itself truly piqued my interest.

My mail carrier knew, from all of my deliveries, that I test products & write about them. Thus, the note. I made sure to let her know that I was definitely interested in trying her product, and that I appreciated the note. It's not every day that your mail carrier invites you to review their relish, is it?

About a week later, there was a glass jar in my mailbox. Inside was the most intensely green relish I have ever seen! I opened it, and took in the initial aroma. It smelled amazing! I'm not usually a pickle relish person, but the smell took me in, and I HAD to try this relish.

I took the jar home, and set to the task of finding something relish-worthy to eat. Finally, I settled on a spoon, and decided my first bite would be uncomplicated. I would try the relish on its own! I scooped out a spoonful of the emerald green concoction, and bit the proverbial bullet.

I think I heard angels singing...

My tastebuds have never been so alive!

Every bite of Ash Kickin Relish is an explosion of flavor, and not one note is missing. This relish manages to take your tongue on a veritable journey, exploring sweet, heat, sour, and spice--- In just one bite! It's beyond amazing, it's magical.

I honestly can't think of a food that wouldn't benefit from this relish. It's THAT good. It's absolutely amazing on hot dogs, burgers, chicken, even fish! It even makes an amazing marinade for meat. Pasta; tuna salad, and even macaroni and cheese... All of these foods --- just add a spoonful of Ash Kickin Relish, and the flavors seem to come alive and become so much more vibrant. It's insane to think that a pickle relish can transform any food into a masterpiece. To me, it's pure genius. This relish is out of this world, and really does taste great on anything!

What makes this relish really stand out from other condiments, is its unique ingredients and flavor. Plus, it's homemade! Ash Kickin Relish incorporates nontraditional ingredients, for a one of a kind experience. Including green peppers, jalapenos, and onions, this "pickle relish", is anything but ordinary.

You can find Ash Kickin Relish locally, in Bradenton FL. Just head to your nearest J.D.'s Doghouse hotdog cart! You can also order your relish online, and have it shipped anywhere in the United States! When ordering online, I highly recommend ordering more than one jar... It's THAT good!

Sample provided for review