Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Break the habit. Embrace #NaturalNails

Ok, so we've all seen posts about #NaturalHair on social media. But, why not take the #Natural trend a step further? I'm all for breaking the societal norm, and God knows we really need more "natural" people in this world... Yes, science has given us some awesome technologies, but do we really need plastic hair, nails, and body parts?!?

Why can't we all love the person in the mirror?

Don't like your hair style?
Grow it out and try something new!

Unhappy with your love- handles?
Eat clean & walk more!

Self-loathing over your short, chewed up nails?
Knock it off!!! Let them grow.

We're all so impatient. Wanting results now, and willing to pay whatever cost for them. Most of our self inflicted unhappiness comes from our impatience, and these "quick fixes" that we've grown accustomed to can easily be resolved with a good dose of self control.

I have remedies for all of the above. However, I've recently been on a beauty kick, and become obsessed with some new nail polish finds ( see older posts, the polishes are to-die-for!) So, today I'm just going to talk about a remedy for natural nails. I will totally post about hair & love- handles in the near future!

Sometimes self control is hard to come by. No matter how much I tried, I couldn't stop biting my nails. It's a nasty habit to break. A lot like smoking... I wanted a natural, reliable way to kick the habit, WITHOUT resorting to artificial nails. I finally found a way to get the natural nails that I wanted, without relying on a quick fix.

If your self control needs a nudge, this is the most awesome, sure-fire way to stop biting your nails!!!

My nail biting habit started at a young age. By the time I was out of college, I was so over the short, raggedy nail look. I went cold turkey, which was nothing short of a miracle, and my nails grew and looked amazing. Until---- I married a nail biter. Ughhhh, it was all down hill from there. Seriously, not one single nail color looks good on chewed nails. I know, I probably tried every brand and color available. It's a very nasty habit.

Years later, I finally resolved to kick my nail biting habit yet again. My will power would not allow for cold turkey this time, so I got creative. I tried OTC products, supplements, I even rubbed jalapenos on my fingers--- Nothing worked. Then, I discovered Magique No Bite.

"Magique No Bite is a non-toxic, effective way to stop biting your nails."

I was very skeptical of this product. It has amazing claims, and works like clear nail polish... BUT I've tried everything, so I know the drill. It tastes bad for a little bit, but that washes off. Then, I'm back to biting my nails again. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. I took my liquid resolve in a bottle, and tried it out.

Lord have mercy!
This stuff is absolutely disgusting. It tastes so bad, that I couldn't even eat finger foods. Just paint it on, like clear nail polish. Sure---- but, the taste does NOT go away. It's super strong, and does not wash off. Days after my first application, and my fingers still tasted bad!

I made my kids try it. Yes, I'm THAT mom. My son was in tears. He made me remove it with polish remover... That did not work. It was beyond comical. My daughter licked my finger, just to try it. Shes my adventurous one, and refused a second go. End result; They also stopped putting their fingers in their mouths.

I'm not sure why you even need a whole bottle of this stuff. I used it twice, and quit biting my nails. A whole bottle could easily cure an army of their nail biting habits! Regardless, it works. You'll stop biting your nails, and eating finger foods. Perhaps they should market it for weight loss too??? The flavor is indescribable. It's so bad, you'll put your finger to your mouth & instantly taste it. Resulting in the immediate withdraw of said finger. You'll also want to wipe your tongue off, and drink something. It's so gross. But--- it works!!!

If you have a nasty nail biting habit, get a bottle of this stuff. It's absolutely disgusting, and guaranteed to rid you of your habit. Within 2 weeks, you'll have nice nails. You'll even be able to paint them again! Hit me up for some polish ideas?

Let's start a new natural movement. #NaturalNails
Compliments of Magique No Bite.

P.S. This could definitely be used to help with other habits... Paint some on the filters of your cigarettes, or the tops of your beer bottles... You will NEVER put them to your mouth again!

Sample provided for review.