Saturday, July 25, 2015

Achieving the "Ultimate Smile" ( Professional Teeth Whitening)

What is the "The Ultimate Smile"?

The Ultimate Smile Gold Kit, was designed for maximal usage and maximal results. If you've never been able to use an at-home whitening kit before because it was too painful and inconvenient, then the Ultimate Smile Gold Kit will work wonders for you.

The special Whitening Gel is the latest innovation-a patent-pending "primer for teeth" that accelerates the release of stain-fighting oxygen ions, while eliminating discomfort. Produced by leading laboratories in the United States, this uniquely advanced technology surpasses any other At-Home Whitening Kits. The Whitening Gel formula has a specific balance of ingredients forming together to create a highly potent but sensitivity-proof product with proven results. The Ultimate Smile silicon trays provide complete comfort and ease while whitening. With its gel- like and easy fit form, these trays were structured with holes on either side to create an easy-breathing and comfortable experience. Also included, the Cheek Retractor, designed as an additional tool for better comfort. After usage, rinse trays and return to Ultimate Smile case. You will never find the need to use messy strips again, and the best part is- this Ultimate Smile Gold Kit will last a lifetime; just purchase some Ultimate Smile Gel Refills if you ever run out! Truly Professional At-Home Whitening System, with In-Office Professional Results."

What'd I think of it???

This whitening system is great! I found it to be a bit on the messy side. However, it does work, and it works rather well. Just fit the guards to your mouth, add the gel, and put them on. It's easy, and efficient. Plus, it's the exact same thing the dentist does when you pay for a professional whitening. Except, dentists tend to use an accelerator light. It really is an at home professional whitening for a fraction of the cost. I received mine as a sample product, to test and review, and I will be purchasing refills as soon as I am out of the gel that was included in my sample pack!

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