Sunday, July 26, 2015

In case of the (Zombie) Apocalypse...

I'm sure we've all thought about it at some point... But, how many of us have planned or prepared for a natural disaster (or worse) in some manner? I'm willing to bet that number is surprisingly low. No, I don't mean the dooms-day preppers, although that's a darn good idea! I'm thinking smaller scale... I live in southern FL, where a massive hurricane once destroyed my town... Yet, I have no plan or items prepped in case it happens again. Maybe it's time to start?

There are 3 things you need to survive; Water, Food, and Shelter. I decided to tackle each necessity one at a time... Starting with water. In the wake of a disaster, or even the dreaded (Zombie) apocalypse, fresh, clean, water is going to be hard to come by. I did some research, and have found some really cool water filtration products. There's all kinds too... large, small, family style, and personal. I figured I'd start with personal filtration systems, and work my way up. 

So, I got a really cool personal water filter from SurvivalHax. They gave me an awesome discount, in exchange for testing and reviewing this product. This personal water filter is a really neat, innovative, straw... Yes, a straw. Genius! It's the epitome of portable, and since it's meant for one person, you really don't need anything much bigger. Don't be fooled though, this straw is a heavy duty water filter... Just scaled down a great deal!  Plus, it's lightweight, and includes a carrying strap too. The images included are courtesy of SurvivalHax, showing their Activated Lightweight Carbon Filtration system.

Here's some of the benefits of this product:

- Filter up to 396 gallons of drinkable water with one straw.
- Chemical Free technology for healthy water intake.
- Lightweight and easy to store. (Only weighs 2 ounces!)
- Ranked the #1 "must have" item for backpacking.

How do you use it?

Well... It's a straw... 

You know how to use a straw right? 

It's that simple. Just suck water through it, and the internal filtration system removes the bad stuff (bacteria, protozoa, parasites, etc.) Easy peasy. It's definitely a must have in any survival kit.

A quick look at the product

Check it out for yourself...