Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sticky situations made easier with Gorilla!

Gorilla® Packaging Tape

I received this product complimentary, through Smiley360, for testing and review purposes. My Smiley360 kit arrived, and contained the following contents:
  • One Gorilla® Packaging Tape with Dispenser 
  • Sharing Guide

"Get ready to experience the heavy duty strength of Gorilla® Packaging Tape - the ultimate solution for moving, shipping and storing needs. You only need JUST ONE STRIP™ of tape to seal a box, and it is water and temperature resistant, so it will hold tough in humid attics and damp basements."

So, how well did this tape really hold up... Is it worth the hype? In my opinion YES! The new Gorilla Packaging Tape is fantastic! It truly does stick tight, and lasts in the most humid of conditions... Trust me, I live in southern Florida, this tape was put to the ultimate test!!! 

Think of it as a tape version of the Gorilla glue we all know and love. It's THAT good!

So what will you be sealing up this summer? Winter clothes? Gifts? Or maybe you're like me, and planning a massive yard sale. The Gorilla packing tape works wonders for any job, big or small, it seals them all!

For more info, or to see other products available from the Gorilla brand, check out their site!