Sunday, June 21, 2015

Joy Williams has gone solo...

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Joy Williams has a powerful, soulful voice. Her sound, and lyrics, touch a spot deep in my soul. A spot that yearns to be free, to explore the universe, and to travel uncharted territories. It's a beautiful album, and a beautiful representation of "woman". My only bit of criticism is that some of the songs could use sound adjustments. Joy has a beautiful voice, and sometimes the background music takes over--- pushing her to the wayside.

My favorite song on this album, is hands down " Woman (oh mama)". It's a deep and surreal representation of who woman is, and what we represent. I think I like it best, because it's so raw, but remains tactful. This song is like a musical painting unfolding. A painting showing life and woman, as she really is.

This album also includes other songs that will move you to your very core. Songs that have deep meaning, and representation. Not to mention, the siren-like voice of Joy Williams. Each song is unique and beautiful. I'm positive this entire album will be a massive hit!

Track List:

  1. Before I Sleep
  2. Sweet Love of Mine
  3. Woman (Oh Mama)
  4. One Day I Will
  5. Not Good Enough
  6. What a Good Woman Does
  7. Until the Levee
  8. You Loved Me
  9. The Dying Kind
  10. Till Forever
  11. Welcome Home

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