Sunday, May 31, 2015

Reacher Grabber Pickup Tool!

This is an absolute must have for every home! Whether you're handicapped, short, a child, or even an average height adult who just can't reach an item on a high shelf... The Reacher Grabber is the tool for you.
My husband has a fused spine, and bulging discs with a pinched nerve, so bending and reaching can be extremely painful (and difficult) for him. With the help of the Reacher Grabber, he's able to do a lot more, and has a wider range of motion now. He uses it on a daily basis to reach things in the cupboards, and to pick things up from the floor. It's an enormous help for him, when he's giving our 3 year old a hand, cleaning up her toys!
It's a simple construction, but highly efficient. Just place the grabbers on the item you want to lift, and pull the handle. An internal cable squeezes the grabber arms together, and allows you to lift with ease. Vs. Stretching and straining on tip-toe, to reach an item. The best part is that the gabber is able to be rotated. This means you can switch them from opening and closing on the left & right, to opening and closing from the top & bottom. Just gently pull the grabber head, and turn. It simple, and you can go from grabbing a wayward can of soup, to picking up a book that's laying flat, in a matter of seconds!
I received my Reacher Grabber Pickup Tool complimentary, to test and review, and I can't stress enough just how awesome it is! I highly recommend this product to everyone. It's truly an item that anyone can use, and is a complete must have for every household!!!

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