Sunday, May 31, 2015

Coffee for people who dare to be different!

If you're a coffee addict like me, or even an aficionado on all things coffee... You have to check out this site! is a site dedicated to coffee! Not just any coffee though, only the crème de la crème of coffees make it on this site. True artisan roasters are housed here, lying in wait for the bravest of adventure seeking, coffee lovers.

The site is extremely user friendly, and offers tab navigation & drop down menus. Browse the available Roasters, and read about their products. There are so many different styles available! My favorite, so far, is the Holler Mountain; organic, whole bean, roast, from STUMPTOWN Coffee Roasters. It's a rich blend of flavors, with nutty qualities, that are reminiscent of buttered pecans! On the other hand, the STUMPTOWN Coffee Roasters also offer a delectable, mellow, Direct Trade, house blend coffee.

Once you've found the coffee that appeals to you most, just add it to your shopping cart, and be prepared for the smoothest checkout process ever! Just enter your shipping and payment info, and the site does the rest. It even stores your shipping information, for future purchases! All you do, is delegate a sign in password, and you're set for all of your future coffee needs. Possibly, even some gifting needs! We all have a coffee lover in our lives, and this would be the ultimate, coffee gift!
The shipping process is just as magical as the shopping and checkout. Depending on the shipping speed chosen, your coffee will arrive directly to your door--- fresh, and inviting! Yes... Coffee, that's delivered right to your home! Its a wondrous thing indeed!!! All you have to do, is decide which Roaster & blend you'll try first...

The products in this post were received complimentary, for testing and review purposes.