Saturday, May 30, 2015

Retro Travel Mug

This is by far the coolest travel mug that I've ever owned! It's very retro, and is fashioned to resemble different aspects of a classic car. It's meant to be plugged in to the car, and keep beverages warm during travel. And it works--- it heats liquids quickly and efficiently, without issue! On the front, there is a miniature tachometer, that functions--- and gagues the temperature of the drink! Below it is a flip switch, and light. This is for turning the unit on/off, and the light indicates when it's in use. 
The bottom of the cup is decorated to look like an exhaust tip, and adds to the overall charm of the mug! On the side, it features a rubber capped, metal handle--- to me it looks like a handle on a cappuccino machine, to my husband it slightly resembles a modified gear shift... You can determine for yourself what it is? I just know it looks fantastic! Below the handle is a port for the power cord. Its a standard port, an takes an average power ac style cord. The opposite end of the included cord, plugs in to your vehicles cigarette lighter. I received this product complimentary, to test and review. I chose to review the red mug, because its just super fun, and truly embodies the feel of a retro/classic car. I adore this mug, and plan on purchasing another for my father, for Father's Day.