Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sunnytech®hot Air Stirling Engine

This is by far the coolest at home experiment/ project that my son and I have ever done together! The engine comes installed, you just attach the rubber band, and the glass tube. Then, add rubbing alcohol & the wick to the included burner. Light the wick, and turn the flywheel. After a few seconds, the engine will begin to run on its own! Watch the light, see how the light is affected the longer you leave the burner going. This is seriously a fun learning experience for both parent & child!!! I received mine complimentary, to test and review, and I highly recommend it! My children are 3 and 10, and both enjoyed experiencing the Sunnytech®hot Air Stirling Engine.

Sunnytech®hot Air Stirling Engine Single Flywheel Education Toy Electricity Power Generator