Sunday, April 19, 2015

Aveya Beauty; Yacon Syrup

Sweet & healthy?!! Yes please!!! This syrup is 100% pure, raw, organic, goodness! The best way to describe it; it's almost like a thinned,  runny, molasses. It's dark color remindsme of molasses as well. The difference between yacon syrup and molasses, is that molasses has a deep dark sweet taste, an yacon is much lighter. This syrup is a great alternative to maple syrup, the perfect sugar substitue in baking ( dont forget to adjust your recipes liquids as well!), and also tastes wonderful in tea.
I can honestly say that it took some getting used to, before I could make a full swap to yacon as my preferred sweetener vs sugar. But, the health benefits won me over! Plus, you can sweeten anything with yacon syrup, whereas I was swapping between sugar, maple syrup, and honey before.
I received a complimentary bottle, to test and review, and I totally recommend switching to yacon syrup as your full-time choice of  sweeteners. Its delicious & healthy!!!