Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I received a Pawstruck care package containing; 1 cow ear, 1 natural pig ear, 1 bully stick ring, 1 bully stick spring, and 1 natural cow hoof. Upon opening this package, my dog must have been able to smell the yummy things inside, because he started to absolutely freak out! I quickly took each treat out and took a picture as quickly as I could, before I was overcome by my fur baby. He was seriously going nuts trying to get at these treats!

So, I had him sit, and laid the toys in front of him. I was curious as to which he would choose first. He sniffed each item, and even took a few tastes, before deciding that he just couldn't live without the natural pigs ear. He snapped it up and ran to his bed, where he snuggled up and began to gnaw. It didn't take long for him to demolish the pigs ear. By the following day it was nowhere to be found! 

The second treat that he chose was the bully stick ring. This treat lasted a little longer, approximately 2 days. By now, he'd decided to take his time and enjoy his new treats. Perhaps... Or, maybe it just wasn't as tasty as the pigs ear? Who knows! 

I chose the third treat for him. Since the pigs ear was such a hit, I figured the cows ear would be too. Not so much... It took a while for him to get into it. For the first day, he just walked around with it in his mouth. At the end of the third day, the half eaten cows ear had been discarded. He was on the hunt for something different. 

So, I went with the completely unfamiliar. I tossed my pooch a cows hoof. OMG, the looks and sniffs he gave... If you can imagine a dog looking absolutely bewildered, that would be exactly the look he had about him as he sniffed the hoof. He really was unsure of himself, and took the hoof and walked around with it, before dropping it and trotting off. I tried again to get him interested in the hoof, and he walked off with it... Now the hoof is MIA. I'll have to find it in the morning, but I'm going to say that my dog is not a fan of cows hooves. I won't let it go to waste though, we have a big neighbor dog who would gladly chew it up! 

So, I gave him the last Pawstruck treat, the bully stick spring, and he took it off to bed with him. He is currently snuggled into his bed, enjoying his bully spring. I have little hopes of it lasting 24 hours, he really seems to be enjoying himself! 

As for the cows ear, and the hoof, I'm sure he will finish off the ear eventually... And the hoof was a big no go, so I'll be gifting that to the neighbor dog. 

Overall, the Pawstruck treats were a hit with my dog. There was only one that he really didn't seem to be fond of, and I'd call +4/5 a very successful product test! I'm sure my dog, Buddy, was more than happy to help in this endeavor! 
Buddy and I both give Pawstruck two paws up! Their treats are natural, and high quality, which makes me extremely happy. However, Buddy thinks they're delicious... And that's what really matters! 
I received these Pawstruck products complimentary, for testing and review purposes. After careful, unbiased, testing--- I can honestly say that I highly recommend Pawstruck products. They're made with your pets well being in mind, and my dog approves of them as well! 

Want your dog to give them a try???

The products in this post were received complimentary,
 in exchange for testing and review purposes.