Wednesday, April 8, 2015

mommys time out

Mommy's Time Out is a wonderful wine that's geared towards all the hardworking moms out there that need a break. The moms who work 24/7 to care for their families, and are long overdue for some down time. For the moms out there who really just need a Time Out.

I had the pleasure of enjoying a bottle of Mommy's Time Out; Moscato, complimentary, via a promotional opportunity offered to bloggers. In exchange for my honest opinion of their product, I was sent a bottle of the wine of my choice. I was beyond thrilled to be able to do this promotion, because I LOVE wine, and I'm a hardworking mommy who needs a time out! 

I waited eagerly for the UPS lady to arrive with my package. It seriously felt like an eternity of waiting! Maybe I wanted to try this wine too much? Perhaps. However, when it finally arrived, it was as though a weight was lifted from my shoulders--- and a chorus of angels began to sing. It WAS meant to be. I opened the box, and inside was a styrofoam shell with a bottle of wine nestled inside. The presentation of the wine was gorgeous. It was packed in a blue satin wine bag, and had a blue ribbon pull tie at the top. Attached to the ribbon was a very nice gift card from The sight of the wine, packaged so elegantly, made me not want to open it!

But--- I did.

The bottle inside was perfect. It was a beautiful color, and the label was impeccable. I can honestly say that I was more than impressed with this wine company, thus far. Now for the worst part... The torturous wait, as the wine chilled. Let's face it, Moscato is a seriously fantastic wine, but it has to be enjoyed cold! So--- I waited... And waited... Finally, the kids had been out to bed, and the wine was perfectly chilled, it was go time! I called my BFF mommy neighbor over, and grabbed 2 wine glasses. Moscato is not only best when chilled, it's also best when enjoyed with another mommy as company! 

My mommy-BFF and I had so much fun testing this wine. It's definitely a sneaky wine--- there's no strong alcohol taste, or bite, but after the 2nd glass, it sneaks up on you! The Moscato has a pleasant, mildly sweet flavor, with some floral/fruity after notes. The best pairing for this wine would have to be something light and sweet... Maybe strawberry shortcake! That would be heavenly... Or, just pair it with a chilled wine glass! Bottoms up!
 I was pleasantly surprised. We usually prefer Cupcake Moscato De Asti, but this is pretty good... I could definitely see myself and my mommy friends buying more of this wine!!! 

For more info on this fantastic product, or to place an order and try the deliciousness for yourself, check out

****Selective Wine Estates also produces two additional novelty labels.
Including Dad's Day Off and First-Rate Old ****
Both make ideal gifts!

This product was received complimentary, for testing and review purposes. The above statements are my own honest opinion of the product.