Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rush Hour shift!

Rush Hour Shift is a serious thinking game. It requires the players to try and find a way out of the traffic jam, before their opponent! It's a simple turn based game, of sliding objects around until you solve the puzzle. BUT, with a twist... You're racing someone else to solve the puzzle! The added competition is what makes the game so interesting!
I received the game Rush Hour Shift, complimentary, for testing and review purposes. At first my kids were super confused by the game; what was it? How do you play it? Once we got it all figured out, the competition was heated!
This game teaches children critical thinking skills, and helps to further develop those thinking skills. My kids had so much fun playing this game! I can tell it'll be a lot of fun for quite a few more years. I don't mind though, it's teaching them critical thinking skills they will need to excel in life.

Game info:

Rush Hour Shift (Ages 8 to adult, MSRP: $24.99)
Escape before your opponent, that’s the goal! The best-selling sliding block logic game is now for two players. Every move counts in this race to cross traffic. As you draw cards, you’ll need a little luck and a clever strategy to win. Should you use your turn to advance your own Hero Car or block your opponent? The potential moves are endless, and the shifting Traffic Grid adds a whole new dimension to play. Just when you think you’ve cleared a path to the finish, a shift of the grid can change the game!

ThinkFun 5060-WLD Rush Hour Shift Board Game

This product was received complimentary, for testing and review purposes. The above statements are my own honest opinion of the product.