Saturday, May 9, 2015

Silicon Devices COMFORT+ Bluetooth Earphone

I've been using these Silicon Devices Comfort+ Bluetooth, Wireless, Earphones for a little while now, and I find them easier to
 manage than some of the other hands free devices. In fact, I can honestly say that I have tried approximately 15 different wireless, Bluetooth, headphones/ headsets/ & earphones, and these are by far the most practical and comfortable!

How are they different?
  • They weight almost nothing 
  • You can easily put them into your pocket
  • They're stylish & relatively inexpensive
  • If properly fitted, they're super comfortable
  • They're much more durable than other devices
  • Ear locks are included in your purchase
  • The sound quality is phenomenal

These earphones are customisable. This means, you can custom fit the earphones to your ears, by using the included multi-size earphone covers & ear locks. Here's where these earphones become different than the rest... All earphones come with various sizes of earphone covers, this allows for you to fit the earphones to your ears. The Silicon Devices earphones also include their own ear locks. This is awesome, because if you're anything like me, even changing the covers out doesn't seem to make the earphones fit. Ear locks fit onto the earphones, and sit comfortably in the curvature of your ears, allowing for a more comfortable & stay-put fit! 
Not only are they more comfortable, and way more convenient, but they are also a whole lot
 sturdier than other Bluetooth devices. They're smaller, and easier to store. Plus, they come with a really awesome carrying case! 
I received my Silicon Devices Comfort+ Bluetooth, Wireless, Earphones complimentary, to test and review, and I'm absolutely floored by their comfort & performance. I'd definitely recommend these headphones to anyone looking for a hands free Bluetooth device --- they're absolutely amazing!!!

Silicon Devices Wireless Bluetooth Headphones