Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Elite Tech Gear®

If you've never heard of Elite Tech Gear; Gear Ties & Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, it's time to go Google them, now. Gear Ties are by
far the simplest organizational tool ever made, and one of the most useful! They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 3 inches, all the way up to 32 inches! They can be purchased by size, or in a multi pack, for different uses. The microfiber cleaning cloths are durable, soft, cloths that are used to clean phone & tablet screens. These are also available in different sizes!
I received a complimentary 8 pack of 3 inch ties, a 6 pack of 6 inch ties, and a 6 pack of Elite Tech Gear's amazing microfiber cleaning cloths, to test and review. So, for the past few weeks, I've been finding many uses for these products...
Yes, I tried them in their conventional sense, but I also went outside of the box. What I found was that the gear ties and microfiber cleaning cloths can be used for literally millions of things! The cleaning cloths, obviously. But, the gear ties are AMAZING!

Here's how the products are listed:
  • (8-Pack of 3 Inch Ties). Use For Organizing, Bundling, Securing Your Cell Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Headphones, Ear Buds and Other Electronics Cords / Cables To Keep Them Tangle Free.
  • (6-Pack of 6 Inch Ties). Use For Organizing, Bundling, Securing Your Cell Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Headphones, Ear Buds and Other Electronics Cords / Cables To Keep Them Tangle Free.
  • (6-Pack) The Most Amazing Microfiber Cleaning Cloths From Elite Tech Gear® - Perfect Cleaners For Your Cell Phone, Tablet, Camera Lens, Eyeglasses, Computer, Monitor, Laptop & LCD TV Screens, Video, Projector, Binocular, Telescope, Headphones And All Your Delicate Surfaces.
I can attest to the fact that the gear ties and the microfiber cleaning cloths work absolutely flawlessly for their intended jobs! The cleaning cloths are the only dry product that I've used that has successfully cleaned my Kindle's screen after my 3 year old used it. AND they left it finger print free, smear free, and sparkling like new! Likewise, the gear ties work effortlessly to keep the mess of wires behind my entertainment stand neat and tidy. In fact, my husband has the wires grouped by system, and held tight with gear ties. He says it will be easier to reconnect each item if we have all of the specific wires together... He's a genius! I love this idea!

I did mention that I found other uses for the gear ties and microfiber cleaning cloths, so here a few of my favorites...

The microfiber cleaning cloths work amazingly well on; microwave doors, glass display windows, cosmetic mirrors, sunglasses,
dusting china, removing finger prints & water spots from cookware, polishing silverware, detailing bathroom fixtures, cleaning coffee pots, and the list goes on... PLUS they're machine washable! So you can easily use & reuse them! I do advise using a lingerie bag for washing & drying.

If you thought that list was crazy, wait until you see what I've used the gear ties for!

The gear ties required a little more thought, but once I found a few small uses, the ideas came pouring in! A few of the uses I've found are; reusable bread ties, curtain tie-backs, quick hooks for craft projects, bathroom hooks for holding hair ties, key keepers, necklace hooks...  
There's soooooo much more too! I can only imagine the uses for the larger gear ties. I found them so useful, and I've only used the small ones...
With so many uses, I'm kind of surprised that they're relatively inexpensive. I would expect a heftier price tag on products that can literally be used for everything. The people behind the Elite Tech Gear products, are absolutely brilliant! They've created products that any & every consumer can use, would use, and will use. I can't wait to see what they come up with next!!!

Interested in purchasing your own Elite Tech Gear products? 
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