Saturday, May 9, 2015

Shooting the sh*t...

Have you ever seen something so ridiculous you just had to have it! That's exactly what I experienced when I saw the Redneck Plunger. At first glance I said wtf!? Then, I started laughing and couldn't stop. It was all down hill from there...

I had to have it!

You may be wondering: What is a Redneck Plunger??? Its a lifesize, toy shotgun with a toilet plunger attached to the barrel. To shoot the proverbial sh*t, so to speak... Ha! Its ridiculous, and functioning... Cool, huh???

I was thrilled beyond words when I was approved for the promotion to test and review the Redneck Plunger, through The only thing I could think at that point was how my kids were going to absolutely freak out! My children are 10 & 3, and both (especially the 3 year old) are gun nuts. They run around with Nerf guns, or home made guns, pretending they're bad guys & soldiers. This item is right up their alley!

When it arrived, I was shocked... It's so much cooler in person! Not only is it exactly as pictured, but it's the size of a real shotgun, and you can actually cock it! Plus------- it makes noise! When you pull the trigger, it shoots!!! I had so much fun messing around with this plunger... My dog, however, was not amused. But, my 3 year old 
was... She went bananas! Like, immediately claimed it, and started a tantrum when anyone else wanted to see it. My 10 year old played it off a little cooler. He waited until his little sister was busy elsewhere, and he ran with it! A seriously epic sibling battle ensued that evening!

Needless to say, the gun enthusiast toddler won. I can't even keep the Redneck Plunger in the kids bathroom, as planned. She has it sitting upright beside her bed, " just in case". I have no idea where she gets this stuff from, but she's a total trip! 

The Redneck Plunger has brought much spirited fun, and quality family time to our home. I lucked out and received it complimentary, for testing and review purposes! However, I would have bought it regardless... It's so much fun! Definitely a conversation starter... Plus, its well made, and relatively safe for all ages! 

Top 10 Reasons You Need A Redneck Plunger
10)Your Crap Is Stuck In The Trap 
9) Your Brown Won't Go Down 
8) Ultimate Weapon Of "Gas" Destruction 
7) If Your Stink Won't Sink 
6) You Gotta Turd Stuck In The Herd 
5) Your Poo Won't Go Through 
4) Your Caboose Let Too Much Loose 
3) Your Stool Won't Leave The Pool 
2) You Dropped A Deuce And It Won't Break Loose 
1) Your Lincoln Log Made A Stinkin Clog

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Redneck Plunger