Monday, March 23, 2015

Perfectly Natural Soap [100% Natural 98% Organic]

Perfect. Natural. Chemical Free. 

These are all things that come to mind when I'm asked what I look for in a soap. Let's face it, it's really hard to find products that are 100% natural and harmful chemical free. I make an attempt to keep the products my family and I use on our skin and clothing as natural as possible. I can't control everything, but I can control what products I use --- what chemicals I put on my skin, as well as my family. I was offered a complimentary bottle of FoxBrim natural soap, in exchange for product testing and review. Since this is right up my alley, I eagerly agreed to the opportunity. 

Often, people ask me what "harmful chemical free" means. What it means is that a product is free from man made or even naturally occurring chemicals that cause harm or damage to our bodies. Added fragrances, synthetic dyes, enhancers, preservatives... Etc. This particular, natural, product; FoxBrim Perfect Natural Soap, is a prime example of "harmful chemical free." This soap has no added fragrances, synthetic dyes, lathering agents, etc. Why do I care so much about my hand soap? 

Well, the chemicals that are in a lot of hand soaps are really bad for your skin. They lather and bubble, and make your skin so squeaky clean... But they're also destroying your skin at the same time. The chemicals strip the skin of naturally occurring oils, oils that are our skins' natural "self defence." Once the oils are stripped away, the chemicals penetrate the skin cells, and wreak havoc under the skin. This drys the skin out, and causes cracking, blistering, chapping, redness, and soreness. Natural products, that are harmful chemical free, nurture the skin, while gently cleansing it. Leaving the natural oils to do their job. The FoxBrim Perfect Natural Soap does just this--- it gently cleanses, but leaves the skins natural defenses intact. We only have one body... Why not take care of it? 

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