Monday, March 23, 2015

Syono Gel Insoles

Living with severe plantar fasciitis has given me a new respect for orthotics and insoles... I used to think those words were synonymous with "the elderly", but I'm 33 years old... I'm not old... Anyhow, desperate for relief from my sever foot pains, I was pointed towards insoles. I've become quite the insole afficionado in the past year and a half. When I was approached to test and review these SYONO insoles, at no cost, I jumped at the opportunity! I am always looking for the next best thing in orthotics and insoles. Making my feet feel better has become an addiction... I'll try anything to relieve the pain!!! 

These Orthotics Gels Insoles, by SYONO, are fantastic! I've tried every kind of insole; foam, gel, hybrid, water, you name it--- I've tried it! These gel orthotic insoles are different though. They have a built in support, that holds the foot up, rather than let it sink into the gel. This is super important for a person with plantar fasciitis, because our arches fall and cause immense pain and even damage!!! These insoles are soft and comfortable, but provide some much needed support. The only change I would make, is to offer these in additional arch styles. I have a high instep, and it's difficult to find a good orthotic insole that works for my arch. 

I've been using these a few weeks now, and so far they're working out pretty well! My feet are nearly pain free when I wear these insoles, and long after I've worn them, my feet still feel nice. They're a great product to try out when you've got nothing to lose, and want some serious relief. 

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