Monday, February 2, 2015

X-Shade Jumbo Car Sunshade

This car sunshade is pretty nice. It's not, however, the right product for me. I was given this product, complimentary, via to test and review. Here's my honest opinion of the X-Shade Car Sunshade... I live in southern Florida. First and foremost, a sunshade is a must have. Otherwise you're car is ridiculously hot, and if you have leather interior--- it's impossible to sit on after the car has sat in the sun for a bit. Also, the sun is brutal, and will damage the interior dash and seat materials. It's important to use a good sunshade to provide protection not only to you by keeping your car cooler, but to provide protection to your car--- by reducing the amount of sun damage taken placed upon your dashboard and seats. 

This particular sunshade, by X-Shade, is nice because it provides full coverage, and it's not super heavy or bulky. This allows for easy removal and storage or the sunscreen when not in use. I love the fact that it effectively reduces the damage on my car, and lowers the internal temperature. I hate getting into a hot car! I also like that this sunshade remains cool to the touch, so I can quickly remove it without my hands getting too hot or burned by the material. 

What I don't like, and why I rate this product only 4/5 stars is that the material is not durable or long lasting. I've owned enough outdoors products of every type of material imaginable. So, I know which will be long-term keepers, and which are going to need to be replaced every season. This, unfortunately, will need to be replaced. The sun here in southern Florida is brutal, and most fabrics don't fare well in it. The sun is magnified here, so it quickly destroys and rots fabrics that aren't up to par. This sunshade is effective at protecting my car, but it is not durable enough to withstand the southern Florida sun. 
After using it just a few weeks, I've noticed fading on the material already. This is disappointing to me, because this product has a lot of potential. I especially love that islts light weight and very easy to store! It's just not the best product for my location. I do, however, feel that for someone in the north, this would be an amazing solution to sun damage and heat. The northern sun isn't nearly as destructive, and I think this product would last much longer in northern states!