Friday, January 30, 2015

Quality Source Products: RED AND GREEN Laser Beam Landscape Projector Light

This red & green laser beam lighting is extraordinary! I received this product via, for testing & review purposes. I won't lie, after reading the previous reviews, I was worried as to how I would be able to leave a bad review for what seemed like such a cool product.

As luck would have it, I don't have to leave a bad review! In fact, I LOVE this light!!!
First: Other reviews state that it's useless because it doesn't have a remote control included... I asked the seller directly, to clarify this for me. I was assured that a remote isn't necessary for this model because it is stationary--- the only models requiring a remote are the programmable lights, which are not available through this particular amazon post! The one minor issue there, is that the directions provided are standard printed to cover ALL models. This leads one to believe that the stationary models require remote controls, which is not the case. The seller is aware if this, and will be making adjustments to the instructions to clarify any misunderstandings for future purchases.
Second: This light is more than capable of easily displaying color over the entire front of an average size 2000 sq ft home. If you like the particles closer together, invest in additional units and move them in closer... 

Third: The colors are brilliant! And yes, red & green may be holiday colors, but this light doesn't scream "Christmas!" It's actual a very nice spread of color, and is pleasant in my garden here in southern FL at any time of year! I find the colors work very well with our native plants, to enhance the gardens beauty, by showcasing some of the colors already present in each plant!
So I prefer to refer to this as "fairy lighting" vs "Christmas" lighting. Though, it would be stunning for Christmas displays as well!
As of now I have had no major issues with this product, and I am quite enjoying the ambience it's created in my garden and pool area at night. My only complaint would be this: each time I want to use it I have to plug it in. Which I've actually solve by purchasing a light timer & setting it to turn on during the periods of time that I like it to be on most. I know--- third world problems--- sheeeeesh! 

Seriously, this product is perfectly fine, and it produces beautiful results. If you're hesitant, like I was--- try it out. If you don't love it, return it. It's not rocket science!

For me, it's definitely a keeper!