Monday, February 2, 2015

Mammoth: Q3 7 Stage Air Purifier

This air purifier is ridiculous (in a good way!) I have allergies, and living in the south where we have no real winter--- i suffer year round. When asked to review this product, complimentary, I was ecstatic. I've been looking for a solution to my allergy issues, and haven't been able to find a product I can afford. This was the perfect solution! I was extremely skeptical of how well the Mammoth Q3 7 stage air purifier would work, on account of it's extremely compact size.
I was however, pleasantly surprised! I use this model in my living room, and it's small enough to remain inconspicuous, but still does a bang-up job at removing the dust, and other allergens from the air. Plus, it's not unsightly! It's stylish and the wood grain matches my furniture beautifully! This model has multiple speed options, and can easily be adjusted by turning the knob.


It also features uv bacteria killing protection, and an amazing filtration system! Plus, it's easy to clean and maintain.
 I'm not only satisfied with the Q3 by Mammoth, but I'm actually impressed! I'm a hard sell. Especially when it's a product that will affect the aesthetics of my living quarters. This air purifier does am amazing job of cleaning the air I breathe, reducing allergens and the like, and looks beautiful while doing so!!!