Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Naturalico Speed Jump Rope

This is unlike any other jump rope you've ever used. I promise! The Naturalico Speed Jump Rope has handles that turn to prevent tangling or bending. this jump rope also has metal ball bearings, which help it to turn faster than other jump ropes on the market! I received this product, complimentary, via to test and review. I definitely recommend this speed jump rope for anyone who is looking for a high endurance and fast paced cardio work out. 

This jump rope helps to reach weight loss goals quickly and easily! Just a few minutes a day, and youll have your heart rate up enough to burn calories all day long!!! Plus, its super light weight and easy to roll up--- for easy and efficient storage. You can literally take this jump rope anywhere! I love to use it first thing in the morning, before my lunch break at work, and before making dinner. 

I've noticed an increase in my cardio endurance, as well as a few missing lbs! 

This jump rope arrives ut togetehr, but may require wire cutters to measure to size. Just follow the directions and you'll be jumping your way to healthy and skinny in no time!