Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Gurin Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale

This kitchen scale is so easy to use, and amazingly accurate! Plus, it has a very sleek and modern design that helps it to fit in with any kitchen. It's a beautiful scale!!! I received this Gurin kitchen scale, complimentary via, to test and review.
When I first received the scale it was defective, and had some serious issues... I immediately contacted Gurin and they rushed a new one out to me! What fantastic customer service!!! 

My new scale works just fine. The sale easily switches between grams, fl OZ, and lbs with a quick touch. The weights are displayed in a large digital display, that can easily read by anyone. Also, the weights are accurate! A lot of scales are not accurate, and leave you close, but guessing how close... That's not the car with the Gurin kitchen scale. It's incredibly accurate, and I have yet to see an incorrect weight. Yes, I went nuts weighing literally EVERYTHING available when I first opened this scale.  
I would definitely recommend this scale to anyone looking to keep track of their food consumption, or those simply trying to measure ingredients for baking! The Gurin Touch Professional Digital Scale not only looks amazing, and weighs items accurately, but it's also a helpful tool in managing weight-loss goals!