Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Setaluna Premier Soft and Silky Satina Bed Sheet Set

These sheets--- OMG. I always thought I was a cotton only kind of girl. Until I slept on these. They're a blend, and they're absolutely divine!!! These Setaluna sheets are very soft and comfortable. They do not feel like they have any synthetic material in them at all--- I love that they feel 100% natural, even if they're not! I hate sleeping on sheets that feel like plastic, or trap moisture and make me sweat... Synthetics are just a big no-no for me. These sheets, however, breathe extremely well. They keep heat in, but wick moisture away. And they dry ridiculously fast! I was laughing at the package when it states "energy efficient." How can sheets be energy efficient --- lol! But now I know, they save on drying time! And they truly do. These sheets come out of the washer nearly dry. It's takes just a few minutes for them to be 100% moisture free. They also feature nice deep pockets. Which is extremely helpful for people with super thick mattresses, or husbands who roll around in their sleep--- pulling the sheets off at the corners. Ughhh! I could only find two small issues with these sheets. 1. The color is not as pictured. I got the navy set, and they're much darker--- think more midnight, only blue.
Almost black. Which isn't a big deal for me, because I wanted a dark color, just not exactly black. The blue is a gorgeous color, just not quite as pictured. 2. They shed the first few uses. It's a minor inconvenience really, and to be expected from some sheet sets. After a full nights sleep, it feels like fuzzies in my bed. Almost like pulling but it's actual fuzzies. The fibers from the fabric is sloughing and combining into little dust bunnies in my bed :) Solution: wash the sheets 2x before use. It makes a huge difference!!! These 2 small things weren't enough of an issue to affect my rating of these sheets. I received my set, complimentary, to test and review. But, had I not, I would still rate them exactly the same! In fact, I'm so satisfied, I've ordered a second set (in eggplant). These Setaluna sheets deserve a full 5 star rating, and that's exactly what I gave them. You can't find a nicer quality sheet set at this price, and still have it feel like the softest Pima cotton on the market!!!