Friday, January 16, 2015

Mym by NuCell Skin solutions

Mym® Electric Auto Micro Needle Derma Stamp Pen Skin Therapy for ★★ Face, Eyes and Body - Remove Stretch Marks, Wrinkles, Scars, Acne, Cellulite, Large Pores, Blackheads, Lines, Blemishes, ★★ 

Oh how I love thee--- let me count the ways...
1. This product reduces signs of aging by stimulating collagen production (omgggggg!!!!!!)
2. It aids in the absorption of facial products ie: serums and anti-aging creams.
3. It's so much faster than a manual derma roller!!!
4. It hurts a h*ll of a lot less than a derma roller!!!
5. I got it as a gift to test and review ;) 
I'm a huge advocate of anti-aging products, and devices. So, when I had the opportunity to use this bad boy--- I was alllllll over it! My usual facial cleanse and prepare routine includes; facial wash, toner, derma roller, serum and (or) retinol product, cream. 

Derma rollers can be time consuming, and a little painful at times... Ok, always a tad painful. But, beauty is pain--- right?!? 
I've found that using the Mym by NuCell Skin Solutions, I can cut the time spent on my face by about 5 minutes! 5 minutes sounds like nothing, but it's a HUGE difference when you're rolling needles over your skin ;) 

This product also reduces the redness I experience after derma rolling, and is a lot less painful. I don't know how--- I'm assuming it's because of the speed of the product that you don't feel it as much???  Anyhow, I enjoy using this product above my other derma rollers. This is much more convenient and it works so well! It stimulates the collagen growth just like a manual roller, and increases absorption rate of anti aging products--- just like a normal manual roller. It's really convenient and easy and less painful. I'm so satisfied with the Mym from  NuCell Skin Solutions!!!