Friday, January 23, 2015

InkJoy 300 RT - Assorted Color Ink Pens

The InkJoy pens are really nice! I figured they would just be cheap-o colored ink pens, but they're not --- they're actually pretty nice !!! 
I received my InkJoy pens complimentary, via Smiley360, for testing and review purposes. The pack that I received has 8 different colored ink pens. Each pen is used via a click button top, and has a metal pocket clip for safe keeping. The InkJoy pens also have a comfort grip, so that my fingers have a nice place to rest while writing with the pen! 
The ink in each pen is rich and vibrant. I love ink pens that write smoothly, and don't skip. These pens are wonderful to use! They write very smoothly, don't skip, and they don't leave a ton of excess ink for me to drag my hand through! 
I am really enjoying my InkJoy pens, and would recommend them to anyone looking for a wonderful, colorful, writing experience!!!