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Bensie Boy, GoPets, BVH Pet Care & Bubba's Rowdy Friends; Pet Product Reviews ***Giveaway***

I've had the immense pleasure of collaborating with Bensie Boy, GoPets, & Bubba's Rowdy Friends to bring you the following featured products. As well as one heck of an awesome giveaway!!! One lucky reader will win EVERY product featured.
Without further adeiou, I present our generous sponsors.

I am a dog lover, so I was stoked to review all of these products!

First I want to start with a couple dog hygiene products by BVH Pet Care. 

This is the BVH Pet Care; Premium Dog Ear Cleaner. Yes, I know.. dogs ears are gross!!! Thats one reason I was excited to test this product out and see if it really worked like it says.

The directions are easy enough;

1. Put a few drops into the dogs ear, and massage down into the canal.
2. Let the dog shake its' head. 
3. Wipe any debris off of the dogs ear. 

Results: the instructions are flawless. My dog always stinks, and this has made his ears so much better. They almost have a lemony smell now! The best part, its all natural and chemical free, so it doesn't irritate the dogs skin!

Next, I'd like to introduce to you the BVH Pet Care; Premium Dog Shampoo & Conditioner. Just like the BVH doggy ear cleaner, the shampoo is natural and chemical free. This means, its super gentle on dogs skin, and doesnt irritate them like standard dog shampoo may. Infact, the ingredients in this shampoo & conditioner combo actually help to moisturize your pooch's skin, and return luster and life to his coat! 

I tried it out... 

I was floored, this is some great stuff! I gave my stinky dog a bath just the other night, and I used this product. First and foremost, it smells nice. Nothing overwhelming or crazy though. It is easy to apply, and lathers very nicely! This shampoo also rinses off easily, and it really does moisturize! My dog is so clean and not stinky anymore :)

Moving right along --- 
My next pet care product is one we are all familiar with, and probably all hate to deal with... That's right, poop pick-up bags! Luckily this particular brand of bags includes a handy carrying case that clips right to the leash, so you always know where the bag is!

Would you like a "doggy bag" for that???
Bensie Boy sells these puppies in bulk, so when you purchase them you're getting enough for a long time! Each package contains 720 Bags, and a dispenser. Each bag is leakproof and holds up to 20lbs of poo. That means, whether you have big dogs or small ones, these bags will work for you! 
Unless your dog is really an elephant... 
I, personally, use the Bensie Boy dog bags every day. They may look flimsy, but dont let appearances fool you! These bags are super strong & durable. Plus, they really are leak proof!!! Now, I havent had the pleasure of cleaning up a 20lb pile of dog poop, so I'm going to take their word for it and assume it does hold that much. They do, however, work just fine for my 25lb fur baby. 

Now--- We get to the fun part (like picking up poop isn't fun, right?!?) --- Grooming.



Pictured above (left to right, top to bottom)
GoPets Brand; 
Dematting Tool, Nail Clippers, Retractable Leash, Slicker Brush, and Deshedding Tool. 

I lucked out, and with a short haired dog, I don't need a dematting tool. But, I know someone who does! So, I gifted this product to her and made her show me how to use it and give me her personal thoughts on this product. 
My friend has a gorgeous long-haired terrier. Her dog LOVES to swim. Apparently, long-haird dogs are like people, when their hair gets wet it gets tangled. Those tangles mat up, almost like doggy dreads. These are not a desirable fashion statement on a canine. A good dematting tool has to be sturdy and able to easily rake through the dogs' hair. All while NOT pulling the dogs' hair. You don't want to hurt the poor pup :(  So... Does this dematting tool pass the test? Yes! her dog actually seemed to be enjoying the attention while I watched her groom him! She also noted that this particular grooming tool will save her a lot of money in the long run as well. No more trips to the groomer to get the mats pulled out of her pups hair! 
The most fun part about dog grooming, right? Ughhhh! I hate clipping my dogs nails. He hates it too! In fact, he fights me--- its like WWE Smackdown in my living room, on nail clipping night! So, I won't sugar coat this; No product will ever make dog nail clipping easy, except valium. If you want to take the easy road, pay someone else to do it. Otherwise... GoPets offers an amazing pair of DIY dog nail clippers. They're actually super nice, and I'm thankful that I got a pair. my dog has black nails, so I can not see the quick to save my life, and I am terrified when I clip his nails that I will hurt him! With the GoPets nail clippers, i can safely trim his nails, because they come equipped with a quick sensor safety guard!!! They also include a free nail file, to file down any unruly edges! So, it may not be more pleasant an experience, but it is a little easier with the GoPets brand nail clippers. 
Oh how I love a good retractable leash!!! 
This particular leash is of the ribbon variety. I prefer the cable or cord style, but this leash may have changed my mind... Its super easy to use, self explanatory even. It's really what us lazy people like to call the "self-walking" dog system. Seriously... You know you totally nodded your head just then! This leash is comfortable to hold, and not too heavy as to make you feel like you've worked out lifting it. The button is easy to push, and doesn't jam up like a lot of other leashes do. It has good distance, and easily supports the pulling from my Spaniel mix. My only complaint on ribbon leashes, as a whole, is that they twist easily--- and that can make the retraction a slow process. Otherwise, I decided that I much prefer the stability of the ribbon leash vs the cord leash. Cords snap easily :(
This is an amazing slicker brush!!! It helps with striping, finishing, detangling, and it also helps to reduce shedding. GoPets slicker brush is great for long or short haired dogs, and small or large breeds! For me, this brush is an in-between. In-between deshedding, I use this brush to manage any loose hairs, and to straighten my dogs coat. It's super easy to use, and it makes brushing my dog a lot less time consuming. With this brush, you dont have to dig the hairs out from between the teeth --- the teeth retract, and the hair literally falls off the brush!!! 
Last but not least...
I've been searching for a tool like this for a LONG time! I have a serious dog hair problem, and I vacuum literally every other day to try and keep up with it. I'm so sick and tired of dog hair--- and my dog is small, with short hair! I've tried every brush, glove, and hair removal contraption on the market. Nothing has worked until now. Within 3 minutes of using the GoPets Deshedding tool, I have an insane pile of dog hair. My go-to for deshedding has alwas been taking him outside and manually taking the guard hairs with my hands. This takes hours--- the GoPets deshedding tool only takes a few minutes!!!

*** The Dematting tool and Slicker brush both come equipped with gel handles, that are super comfortable and ergonomic. Plus, the GoPets products all come with a 100% lifetime guarantee! ***

Now that your dog has been taken care of, what about your house?!?

This is where Bubba's Rowdy Friends steps in and takes over! The products I'm featuring from Bubba's Rowdy Friends are; Pet Stain & Odor Terminator, and Ultra Bitter Apple Anti Chew Spray.

My favorite pet-related household product by far, is the Pet Stain & Odor Terminator by Bubba's Rowdy Friends. This is an enzyme cleaner, that is capable of removing pet stains and odors from carpet, upholstery, and other surfaces.
My dog, Buddy, is a senior with an over active tummy. This is common in older dogs, and just means that if I don't give him a bed time snack--- his stomach doesn't empty out, so he wakes up vomiting. Luckily it's just bile, but it still really sucks for my carpet. Usually, soap and water take the spots right out--- but there are a few stubborn spots that have left a ring on my carpet. Once I opened the box and saw that it was the enzyme cleaning spray, I went right to work, spraying the pesky spots on the carpet. I let the product sit on the stains for a few minutes and used a dry wash cloth to scrub at the spot & blot up the cleaner. The stains lifted right off of the carpet, like magic! I figured that since it's made to combat organic material stains--- maybe the spray would work on some other miscellaneous spots around the house. I set off to find spots to spray! What I found was a magenta crayon--- mashed into the carpet in my daughters bedroom! I cleaned up the pieces and vacuumed up as much as I could, then I saw the spray bottle siting on the floor--- and I began to wonder. Would this enzyme cleaner work on other type of stains? I sprayed the crayon mess down, and waited. Once I started rubbing at the spot, I notices the magenta color lifting right off of the carpet! I also tried this product on ink. It works for taking ink pen off of plastic as well! I am planning to try it next on soiled clothing. I have a 2 year old who is potty training... :)
This product is a patented chewing deterrent, and an effective training aid for puppies. It tastes nasty, and dogs don't want it in their mouth! 
Again, I lucked out. My dog doesn't chew things!!! Except his toys, and on occasion, my daughters toys... 
But, it does work on the neighbor dogs!!! 
It stops the neighbor dogs from messing with my bushes :) The neighbor dogs like to come up and get in to the bushes by my windows. They sniff around and go potty in the bushes, which makes it rather unpleasant when I open my windows! I tested this bitter apple with my dog, and he didn't like it one bit!!!! It kept him away from my daughters stuffed animals !!!! So, I put some on the bushes outside. And lo and behold--- the neighbor dog came along, sniffed at the bushes, and next thing I know the dog is backing away and making terrible faces! Me: 1, neighbor dog: 0!!! I figure if I keep doing this, eventually the neighbor dogs will eventually be trained to not mess with my bushes. Then, I can stop putting bitter apple on them!
As an added bonus, the Ultra Bitter Apple Anti Chew Spray contains tea tree oil, and helps to reduce irritation and promote healing from hot spots!

Now, the long anticipated pet-product giveaway. 
What is being given away, you ask? EVERYTHING!!!
Every single pet-product featured on this blog post is included in the giveaway, thanks to our amazingly generous hosts; BVH Pet Care, Bensie Boy, GoPets, & Bubba's Rowdy Friends. 
This giveaway includes; 
BVH Pet Care; Premium Dog Ear Cleaner and Premium Dog Shampoo & Conditioner
 Bensie Boy Dog Poop Bags
GoPets; Deshedder, Dematting tool, Slicker Brush, Retractable Leash, and Nail Clippers.
And Bubba's Rowdy Friends Pet Stain & Odor Terminator and Ultra Bitter Apple Anti Chew Spray. 

*** Be sure to enter as many times as possible, daily if applicable. Invite friends and family to participate in this giveaway. This is definitely a giveaway worth sharing!!! ***

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