Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Waterproof Eyeliner Shadow Gel Makeup Cosmetic + Brush Black

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I can't even--- ok, I will. Buyer beware!!! I saw this eyeliner on sale and figure I'd give it a shot. I'm usually a fan of eye pencils vs liquids, but the price was right. I digress--- I ordered the product and chose 2 day shipping. I was super excited for this product to arrive, I LOVE to try new make up products! Two days came and went... Long story short, a month and a half later, my now free eyeliner arrived. I was beyond stoked. Seriously, I was dying to try this stuff! I opened the package an shook out what appeared to be a Very small pot of MAC Cosmetics (uhmmmmm no) dark lip gloss. I shook the envelope again, and out came a tiny, child size plastic paint brush. I was so freaking confused!!!!
Upon opening the pot, which has a sticker on it that claims it's MAC cosmetics (yeahhhhhh right...), I found what still looked like lip gloss--- but, black. 

Oook... I opened the brush, and was horrified. The bristles were in all directions, and none appeared to be the same length. I remedied this by cutting them down to meet my needs.... Wtf?!? Anyhow, I dabbed at the "eyeliner". I dabbed harder--- it was not super pliable. After achieving a victory over this strange new matter, I was kind of hesitant to put this on my skin. But, for my readers (yes, this product made it on to my blog (omg)) I will do just about anything. I prayed for safe passage, and started to gently apply this whatever it is on to my face. 
This is where it gets good, surprisingly. Also, this is why I gave this product 2 whole stars!!! It applied smoothly, and had a nice rich color! I was actually impressed. My only complaint was that the brush was really inept for the job, so the line was rather broad vs the nice thin line that I prefer. 
And then the experience went wrong, horribly wrong.
I was maybe 3 seconds in to my eyeliner application, and the whole top of the brush fell off (with very little pressure applied) and went down my shirt. After a very messy hunt for the missing brush top, I emerged--- victorious--- and decided I was done. I now had this black God-only-knows-what-it-is substance all over my face, chest, and hands. I was mortified, so I reached for a wash cloth, and some soapy water. I washed my face first. The black stuff didn't come off.. I tried my hands and chest, still no luck. Omg. I scrubbed. 

I ended up getting out some super heavy duty acne wash, and that finally helped. This whole ordeal took only 45 minutes! It could be worse, right? I threw the product and the brush away. In hindsight, I should have kept them for scientific research... 
This black substance that is labeled as gel eyeliner, is neither a liquid, a solid, or a gel. It has the consistency of engine grease, the thick black grease that you use gojo to try and remove from your hands. 
The brush is sub par, and extremely cheaply made. You'd be better off trying to use a cotton swab. Seriously. 
Needless to say, I am super disappointed, and just thankful that I complained enough about the shipping issues that I had already gotten my money refunded. 
After almost 2 months, and one crazy adventure with "MAC Cosmetics" "gel" eyeliner---- I have learned my lesson. You get what you pay for. Buyer, beware.