Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Flour Sack Towels by NES

I received this product, complimentary, for testing purposes. 
I was expecting something slightly different, thicker maybe? I was surprised when I opened the box and the towels inside were super thin. BUT they were exceptionally large! Much larger than my other kitchen towels (which is a good thing!!!!) I was definitely skeptical of their drying ability, based on appearance. But I opened them and decided I give them a go. 
First impression: super thin, and they smell so weird! 
I washed and dried them, they held up just fine in my HE washer & dryer. 
In to the kitchen I went--- they no longer smelled funny btw--- and started to wash the kids breakfast dishes. 
I was floored!!!!!!!! These light weight towels are simply amazing!  

They're large enough to encompass a standard dinner plate, and they absorb water like magic!!!!! 
Once I finished the dishes, I hung the towel over the sink to dry. Within 4 hours, the towel was dry! Again, I was amazed! 
These towels are wonderful. The material is exceptional quality. It's thin and light, but super absorbent and dries quickly. I've already recommended these towels to my friends, and family. 

Try these, you will love them!