Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Paul Joseph Hyaluronic Acid Serum

10 years younger--- I hear this and think, heck yes!!!
 I'm not "old", but I work odd hours, and have extremely busy children. Unfortunately, life adds up, and we look older than we are! I've been feeling a bit down lately. With the holidays and so much going on, I REALLY needed something for "me." A good friend of mine recommended this Hyaluronic serum by Paul Joseph, and I agreed to try it out--- quality trying if you will. 
It's been a week since it arrived, and I've been religiously applying before bed. Have I seen changes? Yes!!! I hate to be the bearer of bad news BUT I do NOT look 10 years younger in one week. I DO however notice my fine lines and sun spots diminishing, like magic!!! Do I want to look 10 years younger ... Ask me in 10 years! Right now, I'm not "old" so I'll take wrinkle free :) My skin also has a brighter appearance. Maybe it's the vitamin C? But, this does make you "glow". I feel rejuvenated, and I am exceptionally happy with the results!!! 
*** FYI *** I have been using a gentle face cleanser, and I follow this with a quick session with my derma roller. Followed up by this amazing vitamin c Hyaluronic acid serum. The derma roller helps to stimulate collagen production, and provides quicker absorption of the vitamins in this serum. Thus, my one week results! I'm assuming those who don't use a derma roller probably see results over a longer period of time? Anyhow--- try it for yourself!!! ;)