Wednesday, November 26, 2014

NESCAFÉ with Coffee-mate®


The perfect blend of Nescafé coffee and Coffee Mate creamer! This product is an all-in-one mix and drink coffee beverage. Available in three delicious flavors; French Vanilla, Hazlenut, and Original Cream. I received the Original Cream for free, via Smiley360, to test & review. I'm a big coffee drinker--- never instant!!! I was confused by this product, was it coffee or cream? Whatever it was it was instant and I was hesitant to try it! I broke down one morning, the morning I forgot to set my coffee maker to go off at 4AM for work. I was in need of my morning dose and had nothing ready in advance!!! I saw the Nescafé sitting on the counter, teasing me for being a fresh-brew snob. I threw my hands up and silently prayed that it wasn't "sanka". If you know what sanka is, you'll probably be grimacing right about now :) Anyhow, I heated some water and mixed in a bit of the powder... Then some more... And a little more. I like strong coffee! It was a little on the sweet side, because it has sweet cream mixed in, and I added too much. BUT it smelled ok, and I tasted it... It was pretty good!!! Like I said, a little sweet for me, but it wasn't bitter or funky like you'd expect instant coffee to be. I finished up and headed to work. When I came home, I experimented some more with my new found coffee mystery. I found a good blend that isn't too sweet, and even determined that it is best when served iced!!! I used a blender bottle to mix it all up with some ice. Delicious!!! Iced coffee tastes better a little sweeter than hot coffee anyhow. I went out and purchased all 3 flavors. The Hazlenut is brilliant!!! I'm a huge Hazlenut fan, so I almost knew I would like it from the start. I am not a vanilla fan, however, but my friends are--- now I can make a quick cup when I have company! I've decided that while I still prefer fresh brewed coffee, the Nescafé with Coffee Mate is a great alternative when I don't have the means or time for a fresh cup!