Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Secret Outlast - Completely Clean & Clear Gel

Sooooo awesome!!! I live in southern Florida. It's hot hot hot down here, and I sweat A LOT. I've been switching between 3 different deodorants to manage perspiration; odor and wetness for a while now. Nothing seemed to be working... Until now! I received my Secret Outlast for free, via BzzzAgent, for review purposes. I was excited when it arrived, could I finally have found the right deodorant for me?!? I tried it on and it dried very quickly, leaving no residue behind. I went to work (I work outside) and I proceeded to sweat profusely... As usual. However, I didn't feel as wet. The Secret Outlast seemed to keep me drier, longer! At the day I went home and changed my clothes. Surprisingly, I didn't smell sweaty at all !!!!! I thought it was a fluke, too good to be true, so I decided to give it a week before reviewing. I can honestly say that I am starting week 3 of my Secret Outlast trial, and still staying more dry than usual--- and I don't smell. This stuff works!!!!!  I've already told all of my coworkers and friends about it. Everyone should know how well this product works!  #ClearlyBetter

This deodorant features:
1. 48 hour odor protection that starts working before you sweat!
2. The liberating feeling of being free from white under-arm marks!
3. Stronger sweat & odor protection that comes in handy during your most stressful days!
4. The amazing fast drying formula that evaporates in seconds!