Thursday, November 6, 2014

Rosanna's Choice; Premium Organic Argan Oil

The product arrived broken, due to careless packaging via, so I was unable to use my Rosanna's Choice; Premium Organic Argan Oil right away. I was super bummed out!!! I contacted Amazon and let them know my dilemma, and they were more than happy to refund my money... That's great, but it didn't replace the coveted Argan Oil that was now the property of my trash can. Luckily, I received a follow up email from Luisa, an amazing customer service agent for Rosanna's Choice; Premium Organic Argan Oil. Luisa was ridiculously kind and understanding, and quickly sent me a replacement bottle! 

The second bottle arrived, unblemished. I was ecstatic, and a little floored by the quality of the product packaging! The Argan Oil is packed in a heavy, elegant, glass bottle--- adorned with a very stylish cap! Based on my previous experience, I was thinking more along the lines of cheap and easily broken. I was very surprised by the quality of the products' packaging! I'm certain that the casualty of my first bottle was completely due to poor shipping and handling.

Upon trying the product for a few days, I quickly reviewed it on Amazon. Stating: " This oil is amazing. It's very pure and clean, and has a fresh smell that I adore. I've been using it on my hair and nails, and so far I love the results. My nails are healthier and Not dried or cracking at all. My hair is less frizzy and super shiny, but not greasy. I'm also venturing into the argan facial therapy. I'm excited to see how well this oil works on my face!"

After experimenting further with Argan Oil, I am happy to say that it does work wonders on my face! I've noticed big changes in my complexion and the overall health of my skin. I have also noticed big changes in my hair and nails as well. Regular use of this product has left my hair and nails stronger, healthier, and given my hair that special something that had gone missing--- life! I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of Rosanna's Choice; Premium Organic Argan Oil. 

Not only would I recommend this product based on it's benefits, and lovely bottle :) I would also recommend Rosanna's Choice; Premium Organic Argan Oil based on the principal that a product is a sum of it's parts. This product is not only visually appealing and packaged nicely,  holds up to its boasts of usefulness and diversity of use, but is also backed by some of the best customer service that I've ever had the pleasure of doing business with! And that, is what will always make me brand loyal, amazing customer service. Thanks for such a pleasant experience Luisa! 

BUT--- it doesn't end here!!!

I am super interested in seeing how Argan Oil holds up against Coconut, Olive, and Grapeseed Oils when it comes to oil pulling! Right now I am researching the subject a little more, but plan to put Argan Oil to the test very soon. 

I have high hopes for this experiment!!!