Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Who doesn't love a man in leather?

This is by far the most elaborate, and sophisticated mens bag, ever. My husband absolutely loves it! It's so incredibly diverse, and well made. If you're in the market for a fashionable, all purpose men's bag, this is definitely the bag for you!

This unique bag arrives well packaged, with all of its hidden surprises tucked away. At first glance, it's unremarkable, aside from it's high quality materials. However, once you start to thoroughly investigate it, this bag's true colors begin to unfurl. Trust me, its the most amazing unfurling... Each pocket, nook, & crannie... Its like Christmas!

The front of the bag features multiple zippered pockets. As well as a hidden handle, that's neatly tucked away in a convenient zippered compartment at the top seam of the bag. There's an identical compartment on the back, as well. When the handles are taken out, the bag transforms into the perfect, rugged & classy briefcase!

There are also 2 separate sets of zippers along the top. These grant access to both, front, and back storage areas. Each of which is extremely roomy, and features additional pockets for pens and pencils. What's truly unique about the storage in this bag, is the material used on the inside. Its a soft, but thick, jean material. This adds so much charm and fun to the overall feel. Coupled with the rugged leather outer of the bag, it's the perfect expression of masculinity!

Inside, you will also find an extra, long, shoulder strap... If you take the strap out, you can clip each end to the metal rings on the top of the bag. This magically transforms your briefcase into a modern, luxurious, cross-body messenger bag!

I told you that this bag was full of surprises, didn't I?!? But --- I saved the best for last. Yes, there's more... This bag is truly amazing!

Last, but not least, my absolute favorite feature... If you shift your attention to the back of the bag, you'll see a zipper on one side, and metal rings on the other. Unzip the zipper, and contained in the hidden compartment, are two long (adjustable), attached, straps. Each strap has a clip at the end. Clip the straps to the metal rings on the opposite end, and your cross-body bag becomes an ultra chic backpack! Amazing, right???

This bag is not only high quality, its extremely well made, durable, and fashionable. It truly is the epitome of all-purpose, and its sure to fit into any mans lifestyle! I know my husband is beyond pleased with it. Plus, it's exceeded my expectations of quality, and functionality. I just wish they had a women's bag to match!

Product received complimentary for review.