Monday, August 31, 2015

What do guys do when they have that "not so fresh" feeling???

We all know there's like 62718283736 different products on the market that are geared towards women. Approximately 70% of those products specifically target feminine hygiene. Around 30% of those products are not deodorant, or perfume products. How many non- deodorant, or cologne products do you think specifically target men's personal hygiene? I can honestly think of 2. Two products, and women have a ridiculous amount of choice...

How fair is that?

Well, now there's a new contender for this slice of the market pie --- and, they cater to men only! Luxury Barber; a Miami-based online retailer that specializes in selling the finest men’s grooming products on the market. Their products are all high class, and guaranteed to satisfy. In fact, they have a product called "Fresh Richie", that's a mans best friend on-the-go.

Fresh Richie is made with the highest quality ingredients and has sleek, discreet packaging that is perfect for men who like to look and feel their best at all times. So what exactly is it? Fresh Richie is a cleansing towelette. Its geared towards all over freshness for men, and it's amazing! Think; Summer's Eve meets Cottonelle wipes, for men. These wipes are specially formulated to refresh you throughout the day, and they can be used from head to toe!

I received a complimentary pack, to test and review. I promptly put my husband and son to work. They got sweaty, and stinky, and used the Fresh Richie wipes numerous times. Each time, the wipes cleared away any foul odors, grit, grime, and funk that may have been on their skin. Ladies, we all know men can seriously stink, so listen when i say that these wipes really work! Plus, they're not heavily perfumed. Which is nice, because a lot of times, perfumed products just cover the smell. Then, they wear off, and you're left stinking worse than before! These actually remove odor causing gunk and grime, and leave your man fresh as a daisy!

They're perfect for men who travel, or even those who don't. Use them at home for a quick freshening up, or while you're out and about. They're easily portable, and make a huge difference! My husband and son absolutely recommend them, and have already requested that I make them available on a regular basis.

So, ask yourself, are you fresh enough?