Monday, August 3, 2015

Teaching old dogs new tricks.

The Cujo Control Dog Training Collar is safe, effective, and humane. And, it works! The collar itself is a one size fits all item, and fits necks from 10 - 24 inches. It features 3 different modes for training; sound, vibration, and shock. The vibration and shock settings are fully adjustable in strength, but the sound option is not.

I recommend trying the sound first. If that doesn't get your dogs attention, move to light vibration. Proceed to increase strength, until you've reached a setting that is effective for your pet. My dog does well with a medium vibration setting. Its just enough to surprise him, and remind him to correct his behavior. I use this product primarily for barking and table manner issues.

The package does come with everything you will need to use the collar for training. Items included are: one wireless remote ( can control 2 collars at a time), one collar/receiver, and one USB battery charger, along with a test light and contact points. If you have more than one dog, you'll need to purchase additional collars. More than two dogs, and you'll need an additional remote as well.

Additional information:

- Range up to 800M - LCD white backlight

- 8 levels shock and vibration adjustable

- One level sound mode comes with transmitter

- Red LED flashing and sound model in receiver

- Rechargeable and water-resistant design

I received my set as a gift, to test and review, and I've found it to be tremendously effective. My dog picked up some undesired behaviors while he stayed with friends, when we moved. This has been the best training aid to curb his jumping on the table, begging, and barking at every noise.

Check it out for yourself...