Sunday, June 21, 2015

Getting clean, the Greenwald's way!

Greenwald's cleaning products are not only amazing for everyday household cleaning needs, but they're also exceptionally unique in their non-traditional packaging method. Unique in a good way, if you ask me!

First and foremost, Greenwald's cleaning products come in 3 varieties.
  • Greenwald's Glass & Hard Surface Cleaner 
  • Greenwald's All Purpose Citrus Cleaner 
  • Greenwald's Carpet, Fabric & Upholstery Stain Remover

The glass & hard surface cleaner is very similar to the popular cleaning product, Windex. However, this product isn't just for glass. You can easily go from windows to countertops, and even hard flooring, and not skip a beat. Greewald's is much more powerful than the average hard surface cleaner, and doesn't leave behind any residue or film. Plus, it gets rid of water spots, and hard water build up with ease! It's an awesome product, and the packaging is environmentally friendly!

The all purpose citrus cleaner is much like the glass & hard surface cleaner. The difference is that it utalizes the cleaning power of citrus, and is a multi-purpose cleaner. It's not for windows, but works amazingly well in bathrooms, and stoves! Plus, it leaves behind a pleasant light citrus scent.

The carpet, fabric, and upholstery stain remover is a lot more powerful than traditional stain removers. It works wonderful on carpet, fabric and fabric upholstery. It's definitely a great go-to for the toughest stains like pet urine, wine, coffee, food, blood, and just about anything else you throw at it.

Kits include; spray bottle,
refill packets, & the product MSDS sheet
Each Greenwald's product can be purchased as a refill package, or a kit (the kits are refill packages with a spray bottle). Yes, I know... ALL products now days come like this... BUT Greenwald's products are unique, because they are all packaged as individual dissolvable refill pouches!

How does this work?!?

Well, it's an easy 5 step process.

That's it! It's quick, easy, and effective! If you're still curious, check out the video I made, at the bottom of this post.

So why should you be interested in Greenwald's products? If you're like me, you prefer "natural" products. However, there's always a situation when you need to pull out the big guns, you've run out of natural cleaner, or you don't give a hoot & you use whatever works to keep your house fresh and clean. Well, when i need a traditional cleaning product, I prefer Greenwald's. 

Here's why...
  1. They save money! When purchasing either the kit or the refills, they're priced 30-70% less than competing products.
  2. They save space! Each dissolvable refill makes a 32 ounce spray bottle and each refill fits in the palm of your hand. This frees up closet & under the sink space. You can literally store gallons of cleaner refills in a small Tupperware, on the shelf. 
  3. They're environmentally friendly --- from the standpoint that you're not purchasing a new plastic bottle every time you need a new bottle of cleaner. You reuse the existing cleaning bottle that you have. This means less plastic that goes to local landfills ( at least 5 times less!) Plus, it's less trash you have to deal with. 

Check them out for yourself...


Greenwald's Glass and Window Cleaner Kit

Greenwald's Citrus All Purpose Cleaner Kit

Greenwald's Carpet, Upholstery & Fabric Stain Remover Kit


Greenwald's Window & Hard Surface Cleaner - Easy Refills 

Greenwald's Citrus All Purpose Cleaner - Easy Refills

Greenwald's Carpet, Upholstery & Fabric Stain Remover - Easy Refills 

Video demonstration; Using Greenwald's refills