Sunday, June 14, 2015

Get your kids active this summer!

Product Description
  • Velocity Boxing Children's Pro Freestanding Reflex Punching Bag
  • Comes with a Pair of 10" Gloves
  • Also Includes a Hand Pump to Inflate Bag
  • Adjustable Height from 47 to 57", Recommended for Ages 5+ and Up
  • Base Diameter: 16.5", Base can be Filled with 50 Lbs. of Sand or Water for Maximum Stability

Ok, so it's not surprising that a boy ( a 10 year old boy) would have a ton of fun with this punching ball. Well--- I received this item as part of a promotion, complimentary, to test and review. When it arrived, I wasn't quite prepared for what happened. Upon seeing the box, my son started to get very excited, and even assembled the whole thing himself!!! It was surprising, because my son is the type who refuses to leave his Xbox, even in an emergency... So, the fact he was psyched about a punching bag kinda came as a surprise! Anyhow, the assembly is fairly easy, and with supervision proved to be a quick task for my 10 yr. old. Once it was assembled, it was time to try it out.

The materials used are very durable, and long lasting. This is a huge must, since kids have a habit of wearing things out 50 times faster than adults do. The base needs to be weighted, otherwise the whole thing will tip over when you punch it. We used water, but you can also use sand. Water just happened to be a lot easier for us, and living in the south, spills dry faster than sand vacuums! The pole that supports the punching ball, is spring loaded to bounce back when it's hit. The height of the unit is adjustable, so any size person can easily use it. Then there's the bag... It's extremely durable, and made to withstand son serious jabs! Luckily, an air pump is included, or we may still be blowing ours up! My only complaint is that the plastic housing below the punching ball, is rather prominent. If you're not careful, you'll find yourself punching the plastic instead of the bag--- and that really hurts!!!

So far, it's been a blessing to have this in our home. We were in desperate need of an outlet for frustration, and we definitely found a great one!!! Not only is my son 10, but he's also ADHD, and has severe impulse control issues. This punching bag has provided an outlet for him to get his frustration, anger, and confusion out. Plus, it's great for hand-eye coordination, and a great way to build muscle tone! I highly recommend this punching bag, by Velocity Boxing. It's exercise, teaches focus, concrntration, and coordination--- and it's a great way to enjoy a mental get-away at the same time!