Sunday, May 24, 2015

Freshness for your bootay...

With a name like "BootyFresh", it's no big surprise that I was extremely curious about this product. Then, I found out what it was--- I HAD to try it!
I'm sure you're wondering " What on earth is BootyFresh"? Well--- BootyFresh is a personal care product that conveniently removes odors from your butt... What?!? Ok--- it's a spray that you apply to your b-hole (not IN it, but ON it),  that helps to remove bacteria that cause odor. The ingredients are primarily Hydrogen Peroxide, Water, and Aloe. Simple enough, right?!

Annnnnnd now you're wondering if it works... 

Well, I did try it! In fact, I used it as directed for a whole week... and, yes, it DOES work! Not that I'm saying I was smelly or something, but let's face it---- butts have a tendency to get a little funky! Especially when you live in southern FL like I do. Heat + humidity = breeding ground for bacteria.
I decided to try BootyFresh as a measure of preventative maintainance. I spend a lot of time outside, and end up taking more showers than I probably should, because I sweat. So, Booty Fresh is, for me, a great way to avoid any possible odors that may be caused from sweating so much.

So---- how do I KNOW it works?

Well, after using BootyFresh, I'm completely odor free... Even my normal "odor", that I didn't even classify as an "odor", is gone! It's quick & easy to use, and it DOES work! I keep a bottle in my shower, and give myself a quick spritz before showering. BootyFresh takes a few minutes to work, so I let it sit until I've washed everything else. Then, I wash away the BootyFresh, and the bacteria!

I feel cleaner, and smell fresher. That's how I KNOW BootyFresh works! Don't believe me? Try it for yourself. BootyFresh comes with a no questions asked, 30 day, hastle free, money back guarantee!

Product was received complimentary, for testing & review purposes.