Sunday, May 24, 2015

Amazing artisan soap...

I've had the pleasure of testing out some 100% natural, handmade, artisan soaps from I was slightly skeptical, because I've 
had some iffy experiences with ordering handmade soaps Escape  past. In fact, my last experience involved some handmade soap that didn't fully disclose its' ingredients, and I ended up having a terrible allergic reaction. Needless to say, I am a bit wary now, when it comes to handmade bath & body products.

When my order first arrived, I was super excited to see what the soaps smelled like. The descriptions of the available scents had left me super curious as to what exactly I was getting myself in to... Also, I was eager to finally try a soap that contained natural ingredients that were not known to dry out or irritate my skin! All of the soaps are made from the same ingredients; Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, Hemp Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Water, & Fragrance Blend. 

I chose to test the Plumeria Island Escape, and Black Raspberry Vanilla Sweet N' Sour soaps. As an added bonus, I received the Pear De Provence soap as well! As luck would have it, the Pear De Provence actually turned out to be my favorite of the three soaps! Each of the Soap.Club soaps are hand crafted, and cut to perfection. Just looking at the bars, you can tell that a lot of care has gone in to the product. The only major differences between bars is the color and scent, which vary by which soap "flavor" was selected!

Plumeria Island Escape

This soap is a gorgeous, marbled pink color. It has an overwhelming aroma of sugary sweet plumeria flowers. While I enjoyed this scent, I felt it was very strong, and overpowering. Because it was so strong, I could only handle it in short bursts. Because its so strong, it makes for a fantastic hand soap!

Black Raspberry Vanilla Sweet N' Sour 

This is a 2 tone bar, with white on one end, and a band of deep purple at the other. As for scent, this soap really let me down. I was looking forward to some serious vanilla and raspberry deliciousness... But, it fell flat for me. It's a very light scent, too light for my taste. The vanilla is non-existant, and the raspberry is very faint.

Pear De Provence 

This soap is an all over tan color, like light brown sugar! Truth be told, I enjoy the look of the Raspberry soap most. However, the scent of the Pear De Provence is divine! It smells like warm baked goods. You can smell the pear, and a hint of light brown sugar & cinnamon. It reminds me of apple crisp, but with pear! It's a warm, inviting scent, and I found it truly intoxicating!

The overall feel of the soaps was the same, since they're all made of the same ingredients. They lather well, and leave your skin clean and refreshed. The best part is that they don't dry you out. Since they contain high amounts of natural moisturizers, they work with your skin, not against it. So, while you're getting clean, you're also giving your skin a huge dose of moisturizer!

I truly enjoyed testing these soaps. While some of the fragrances weren't for me, the soap itself is well worth my time! I definitely recommend trying the soaps. Your skin will thank you! Just be sure to let me know which scent you chose, and what your experience was?! - Pure Natural Handcrafted Bath & Body Soap 

Products provided complimentary, for testing & review purposes.