Monday, April 13, 2015

RiF6 Cube Projector

I'm not sure how I feel about this product. First, it's amazing because--- well it's a mini projector that you can travel with! Wicked awesome! BUT, it's a real pain if you're an Apple user. 

I was beyond stoked to get this at no cost, to test and review. We travel a lot with the kids, and this would be awesome for netflix and games. But--- we are Apple users. It wasn't stated initially that if your an apple user, you have to buy additional wiring to use the product... The wiring is $50. Not happening. 

So, I tested it on my tv. It works, and it does a decent job. The picture is pretty clear, but there's no soud unless you use the devices sound... 

Another set back. Over all, it's decent. It works, but it requires too much additional stuff to fully function, and that is NOT convenient. I recommend they add speakers, and include an adaptor for Apple devices. The product would be so much better and worth the high price. 

Maybe mine was defective? Missing something?