Monday, April 13, 2015

Children's books by Dan Jackson

This book is a great for teaching young children shape and memory skills! It takes traditional shape memorization outside of the box, and makes it creative and fun. My daughter and I had a lot of fun guessing at animal shapes, and playing quick memory games with the shapes in the book. It definitely made silhouette recognization so much more fun for my daughter (she's 3). Her favorite part was pointing out the different parts of each animal, then guessing which animal it was, based on those parts. For example, she would notice the long neck on the silhouette and the long legs that make it very tall, and use her memory to guess which animal it was. Every time she got it right, she was so proud of herself. It was amazing to watch her have so much fun learning!

My youngest, Madison, is a serious animal lover. So it came as no surprise to me that she was super interested in learning all about different animals, and I was happy to oblige! We had a lot of fun learning all about how different animals drink. It was especially fun when we paused to try and mimic each animal. Madison thoroughly enjoyed pretending she was an elephant and a lion. This book offers a great opportunity to teach young children about animals, and to have fun doing it!

This product was received complimentary, for testing and review purposes. The above statements are my own honest opinion of the product.