Tuesday, April 14, 2015

LED Word Clock

This is a super unique spin on traditional clocks. It takes a different approach to telling time, by using words instead of numbers. I love that I makes you think, it's great for comprehension skill building! I received a complimentary LED Word Clock, to test and review, and I'm really enjoying it! It's made a great addition to my bedroom decor, and adds something different to break up the monotony. Plus, my son (10 yrs old) really enjoys it as well! He loves reading the time, and figuring out what it would be on a traditional clock. For example; Five Minutes To Eleven would be 10:55. It really makes you think!!! A great product for all the thinkers out there! 

• Ideal for home or office

• Fun for kids to read

• Time is displayed in words

• Shows time in five minute intervals

• Words are illuminated in bright, white, easy-to-read LED light

• Easy to set, only two buttons ("+" and "-")

• Built in easel back for tabletop use

• Can also be hung on a wall

• Plugs into an AC outlet