Sunday, April 12, 2015


As a frequent user of oil diffusers, I can honestly say that this is by far the most elegant and beautiful of them all. The Eve glass diffuser by KOKO AROMA is perfect for any room of the home, as it is not only functional, but decorative as well! I personally keep mine on top of my tv stand, in the living room.This diffuser works just like any other diffuser; add water to the fill line, add oils, and use. It has a built in nightlight, for ambient light, and a beautiful decorative glass cover.   I love the warm light that it provides, but I do wish that it had an option to use the diffuser without the nightlight (for day time use.) 

This diffuser has 3 available modes: 2 hr continuous, 4 hr --- cycling every 15 seconds, and Off. Pretty simple, right? The nice thing about the 2 hr and 4 hr settings is that te nightlight turns off when the diffusion ends. So, you can go to bed and not worry about it running all night! I received mine at a discounted price, in exchange for my honest opinion on the product, and I'm pleased with my purchase!