Sunday, April 12, 2015

Belle leather jewelry

Although these two piece don't really go well together, they are exceptional when worn apart! I was given a complimentary set of the Belle Strap Butterfly Watch & Nautical Bracelet combo, for testing and review purposes, and I think each piece is absolutely beautiful.

Both items are made from strips of leather and cording, and have fashionable adornments. Plus, both the bracelet and the watch feature adjustable lobster claw closure methods.

The watch is by far my favorite of the two pieces. However, the nautical bracelet is not without it's' charms as well! The watch is most definitely a year round item, whereas the bracelet is more for summer wear.

The materials used are relatively high quality for fashion jewelry, and should last a while, if gently used. My only concern, where materials are concerned, are with the metal closure features. The bracelet has an especially delicate chain, and pulls apart rather easily. I was able to somewhat solve this issue, by pinching the links tighter. But, let's face it, most fashion wear jewelry isn't super high quality. This is pretty decent for being fashion jewelry!

Overall, I give this set 4/5 stars. Based on looks and fashionability, it totally deserves 5/5 stars. However, the quality is a little lacking, especially on the bracelet. I do find both pieces to be very beautiful, and they wear will with any clothing. I'm just a real stickler for on-point quality. Would I recommend this set? Sure! For the price, it really is a decent bracelet and watch combo. In fact, it would be a great gift for both, "tweens" and teens!

This product was received complimentary, for testing and review purposes. The above statements are my own honest opinion of the product.