Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Curly hair? Help has arrived!

I don't have curly hair, but my daughter does. She has perpetual bed head, and refuses to let me even brush her hair anymore... I've been searching for a very long time for a product that will define my daughters curls, as well as leave them manageable. I was honestly about to give up my search, when I received a sample bottle of Ultra Curl Defining Cream by Arvazallia, to test and review. 
I was surprised at how nice the cream felt in my hands. And the smell... It smells absolutely heavenly! My daughter wouldn't stop pointing out the fact that her hair "smells just like flowers mommy!" 

Despite the fact that her new hair cream smells amazing, Madison (my daughter), fought me tooth and nail when I tried to put it on her hair. It's heart breaking to deal with this, because I'm not trying to hurt her. Her hair is just so tangled! Luckily, it didn't take much, and I gently worked it in the best I could. I crossed my fingers and started to brush her hair... Lo and behold! She didn't scream... In fact she didn't seem to mind at all! 
When her hair finally dried, her curls were neat and definitely not as fuzzy and disheveled as they always seem to be. Plus, her hair stayed soft and manageable! We finally found a winner!!! The Curl Defining Cream by Arvazallia is the only product that works on my little girls hair... It's a life saver! 
Arvazallia also offers an amazing argan oil hair treatment. It's the perfect product to use for detangling or even as a leave in conditioner! Argan oil offers so many amazing benefits for hair, it's a wonder it hasn't been all that popular until now. I use a few drops in my daughters hair before her bath, and it helps to reduce tangles. This makes for a much more pleasant hair washing session... Otherwise, she scream that it's hurting her, when I work in the shampoo. Oh, the woes of the curly headed! I also use a few drops after her bath, as a leave in conditioner. This keeps her hair manageable, and provides amazing shine and nourishment. My daughter has absolutely gorgeous hair, and I owe it all to the products offered by Arvazallia. Thanks to the products I received to test & review, my daughter no longer screams when I wash her hair! The tangles are gone!