Sunday, March 8, 2015

CELFIE Bluetooth Wireless LONG Selfie Stick

Curiosity finally killed the cat --- I tried a selfie stick...

This is a really cool product! I've seen them used before, and always wondered how they worked. Now I know! 

The mechanics of the selfie stick are pretty rudementary... It's a telescoping arm with an adjustable cradle that screws in to the end. The cradle fits just about any phone, and if it the phone is smaller, these an added attachment to fill the gap! 

The selfie stick by CELFIE has a USB port and power switch on the end. Charge via USB, and then use your devices Bluetooth to sync with the selfie stick. Sit the device in the cradle, and turn on your camera mode. Then you just adjust the arm to the length desired, and push the button in the side! It automatically takes photos via Bluetooth.

I received my CELFIE as a gift for testing and review purposes --- my son and I had a great time testing it out! It was a new concept for us, so trial and error were our best friends. Once we figured it out though, we took some great pictures! 

My only issue with the product in general; I don't see any convenience in lugging it around to take photos. It's not small, so you can't fit it in your pocket... And it's kind of cumbersome. 
To me, this product is best left at home. But--- how often would it actually be used? It's a really neat product, but I don't see any real advantage of having it if you don't take it places with you --- and I don't think I'd be taking it with me anywhere, any time soon.