Monday, February 23, 2015

Dance Classes Starter Kit (4 DVDs) by DanceCrazy

I have seriously become addicted to the "learn to dance" DVDs! I've been looking for a fun way to exercise while hanging out at home, and these are the perfect answer for me! Not only am I learning to dance, I am working out, without even thinking about it! Plus, this is a great way to include family members, and promote health, exercise, and a better lifestyle. 
I've been including my youngest child in my dance work outs, and she thoroughly enjoys them. She loves to dance and this is a great way to teach her actual dance steps and coordination. Plus, she is getting asignificant amount of healthy cardiovascular exercise!!! Which is a super important value to instill on young children. 
This particular set of DVDs is a full set of dance lessons for beginners. It features full lessons for 4 different dances. The Dance Lessons Starter Kit by Dance Crazy, has become a fast favorite for me, because it features different styles of dance. Most dance tutorial DVDs only feature on style of dance, so this provides a nice change of pace. 
Each dance included is led by a well versed instructor. This makes it very easy to follow along, and actually learn the dance. Our favorite dance featured is Swing!!! It's super fun, and we love the upbeat tempo & music! 
The Dance Lessons Starter Kit by Dance Crazy, was given to me complimentary, to test and review. I would most definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a fun & healthy way to learn to dance!

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